Chicken Swirls


Our chicken swirls are the combination of some of the finest ingredients that will make every day dining seem like fine dining.

Italian: We have combined fresh chicken mince, flavoured with spinach and pinenuts, roasted rep peppers, shallots, ricotta and feta cheese all wrapped in a light puff pastry. Delicious.

Greek: This delightful pastry is a winner any day of the week. With a combination of fresh chicken mince combined with garlic and herbs, semi sundried tomatoes, ricotta, feta, basil and spinach all wrapped in a light puff pastry. Mamma Mia…..

Summer: A sweet combination of honey Macadamia Mince with sun ripened Apricots, grated cheese, chives and baby spinach to bring back summer nostalgia vibes.

Cooking Instructions

We recommend you cook our chicken swirls in the oven at 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes.

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